[sword-devel] PocketSword domain name

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Wed Jan 20 13:52:20 MST 2010

Ian Wagner wrote:
> I currently own the domain, and would be willing to sell it for
> whatever the cost of transferring is (if any) to Crosswire, or
> whatever entity is responsible for this stuff. 

Ian, CrossWire - that is you and me. And everybody else. There is no
entity. Or rather we are the entity.

There is also no pot of money anywhere. If someone here comes back to
you via list or privately to offer to take it off your hands - fair
enough, but he/she will likely stump up that money from the same source
as everyone else here - their own money.

My suggestion is that you  point it for the moment at the CrossWire
PocketSword site and then let it fall fallow next time round.


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