[sword-devel] Bela module in CrossWire Experimental

Brian J. Dumont bdumont at ameritech.net
Thu Feb 25 08:41:17 MST 2010

On 02/25/2010 10:25 AM, Matthew Talbert wrote:
>> I had forgotten to click the Refresh button in the Xiphos Install Manager.
>> This behaviour is not intuitive for users who are learning their way about
>> the program.
> So you'd rather it connect automatically without even telling you it's
> going online? Which SWORD frontends refresh automatically like this?
> Matthew
This may sound weird, but I personally would prefer it to refresh each
of the configured repos when I start the module manager.  Of course,
there would be some real issues to consider:

- If a website is down, what happens ... I don't want to wait 30 seconds
for a timeout
- Clearly this is very bad for anyone in a persecuted country

But for me, this would simply save me the manual steps of refreshing
(which I do every time)

My $0.02

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