[sword-devel] Sword Support question .....

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Thu Dec 30 04:54:24 MST 2010

Please can someone supply answers.  There have been two on the support
list in the last couple of days.  I'm not cross posting because I got
told off about that, but I can't respond as one was on Windows Vista,
and the other on Windows 7.  Both are from people wanting to make the
personal commentary work.  I corresponded with one of them to find out
what software and what OS he had.  Turned out he had an old version of
the Sword Project for Windows purchased at great expense from CDEarth.
He got the later version from us, but still couldn't work it.  As he is
on Vista I can't help.  Today's question is below:
"I do not see any way of adding a personal commentary, I have checked
everything that I can think to do, right clicking the commentary,
looking in the menus and nothing seems to allow me to add a commentary.
I am using: Windows 7, BPBible 0.4.7"

Can someone who knows post an FAQ about this please?

God bless,		Barry.
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