[sword-devel] WBTI/BL modules in CrossWire Beta

Nic Carter niccarter at mac.com
Sat Dec 11 02:16:51 MST 2010

On 10/12/2010, at 8:54 AM, Greg Hellings wrote:

> 2) Most of our list, who are largely either developers or module
> creators to begin with, got in the habit of using the
> Beta repository while waiting, so we were not very vocal about goading
> people to release updated versions.  And since we are most of the
> voices here and the voices of users tended not to know about the Beta,
> there was little incentive to move forward.

As the Beta repo is included in the master repo list, most users will automatically have it presented to them in their download managers in the various frontends available.  I know that there was a fair bit of pressure for PS to have Beta available, as there are several languages that only have Bibles available in Beta and not in the primary one (Japanese being one example), and so I did include it from v1.0, even though I renamed it to "CrossWire 2" (naming the primary one "CrossWire 1").  :)

But, as we are talking about repositories again, it might be a nice time to hit the gong about pulling our av11n modules out of experimental and make them available for our users!  I have had a few more requests since the last time I rang the gong...  :)

Thanks heaps, ybic
	nic...  :)

ps:  My opinion is that frontends should have a means of sorting modules in their download managers by language, and so having a large number of modules in languages you don't understand shouldn't be a problem, as you simply look for modules in the languages you are after.  :)  In fact, I made the decision with PS (for v1.0) to only list modules from one language at a time, which may or may not be the best way to do things, but I picked that at the start and don't have time to go back and revisit it at this point...

pps:  As for "release early, release often", I'm of the opinion of: "if you’re not embarrassed when you ship your first version you waited too long." taken from http://ma.tt/2010/11/one-point-oh/

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