[sword-devel] CMake Sample Scripts

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Tue Dec 7 07:38:50 MST 2010


For those who would like to try out the CMake build system, but you
don't want to learn a new way to invoke the SWORD build process, I
have added a pair of sample scripts to the cmake/ directory.  Both of
the samples will build the shared (.so) library, Perl and Python
bindings, examples/cmdline and tests.  One will build the debug
version of the library prepped for installation to /usr/local and the
other will build a release version of the library for installation to

To invoke the build, you can just camp in the top directory of the
SWORD library and issue the call "$ cmake/build-debug.sh" or "$
cmake/build-release.sh".  Both scripts will create a build/ directory,
change into it, call CMake, call make with 5 parallel builds, change
into the Perl directory, call make there, and then change into the
python directory and call the build process there.  It will then be up
to the user to manually invoke the 'make install' in the build
directory.  I'm not particularly claiming this is the way you should
invoke the CMake system, but more intending the scripts as a sample
way of showing people how CMake is invoked and how to use some of its

Also, have no fear if you prefer the autotools version of the library
but you just want to take a look at CMake.  CMake forces the build to
be outside of the current source directory, so that none of its files
come into collision with an autotools build of the library.  In the
example of the cmake/build-*.sh scripts, all the products of the CMake
process are contained in the build/ directory, so if you mess
something up you can just "$ rm -rf build/" and everything is back to
the way it was before.


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