[sword-devel] Google eBooks

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 23:30:29 MST 2010

> I would think some of the HTML widgets which our applications use
> might be use could potentially know how to handle an external
> application already to display a PDF (MacSword's embedding of Safari
> and possibly BT's embedding of QWebKit?  Maybe Xiphos with Xulrunner?
> Would be an interesting trick to see if the widgets support the
> plugins on the system the way the full browsers do).  For BibleCS,
> you're on your own, Troy. ;-)

I'm still trying to parse that first sentence.... Google doesn't
always allow retrieving the actual pdf, but I think Xiphos with
xulrunner would be able to display the normal web-based reader
already. Using the plugins in the widgets is not a straightforward
thing; I think it varies from one to the other, but I think it would
be difficult to get working on xulrunner.


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