[sword-devel] osis2mod and NT heading?

troypulk troypulk at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 3 22:24:08 MST 2010

I've seen this before,

I've made a new EMTV module and there were no headings or titles in the old EMTV module.

So in making a new module and adding headings or titles I was making mistakes because I didn't know how to do it.

So, I read through the osis2mod.cpp REV. 2562 to see how it was suppose to work and I found this, I hope it answers your question.

// Have we found the start of pre-verse material?
// Pre-verse material follows the following rules
// 1) Between the opening of a book and the first chapter, all the material is handled as an introduction to the book.
// 2) Between the opening of a chapter and the first verse, the material is split between the introduction of the chapter and the first verse of the chapter.
//    A <div> with a type of section will be taken as surrounding verses.
//    A <title> of type other than main, chapter or sub, will be taken as a title for the verse.
//    Once one of these conditions is met, the division between chapter introduction and pre-verse is set.
// 3) Between verses, the material is split between the prior verse and the next verse.
//    Basically, while end and empty tags are found, they belong to the prior verse.
//    Once a begin tag is found, it belongs to the next verse.

"Is there a bug perhaps in the way that osis2mod processes the bookGroup title
for the New Testament?

I have a valid OSIS XML file which uses BCV structure, with the body content
modeled according to the example shown 
http://crosswire.org/wiki/OSIS_Bibles#Body here  in the wiki.

The start of the NT division is coded like this<div type="bookGroup">
<title>El Nuevo Testamento</title>
<div type="book" osisID="Matt">
<title type="main">El Santo Evangelio según Mateo</title>
<chapter osisID="Matt.1">
<title type="chapter">Mateo 1</title>
<verse osisID="Matt.1.1">
El libro de la generación de Jesucristo, hijo de David, hijo de Abraham.
</verse>When displayed in Xiphos, the title El Nuevo Testamento is appended
to the last verse of Malachi 4.

Running mod2imp on the module that I made outputs a raw IMP file containing
the following lines: $$$Malachi 4:6
Él convertirá el corazón de los padres hacia los hijos, y el corazón de los
hijos hacia los padres; no sea que yo venga y hiera la tierra con maldición. 
<chapter eID="gen24108" osisID="Mal.4"/> <div eID="gen24055" osisID="Mal"
type="book"/> <div eID="gen1" type="bookGroup"/> <div sID="gen24115"
type="bookGroup"/> <title>El Nuevo Testamento</title>
$$$[ Testament 2 Heading ]
<milestone type="x-importer" subType="x-osis2mod" n="$Rev: 2562 $"/>
$$$Matthew 0:0
<div osisID="Matt" sID="gen24116" type="book"/> <title type="main">El Santo
Evangelio según Mateo</title>
$$$Matthew 1:0
<chapter osisID="Matt.1" sID="gen24117"/> <title type="chapter">Mateo
$$$Matthew 1:1
El libro de la generación de Jesucristo, hijo de David, hijo de Abraham.
Observe that 
$$$[ Testament 2 Heading ]
occurs AFTER the second bookGroup title rather than BEFORE, which strongly
suggests that the module was made incorrectly.

I was running osis2mod: $Rev: 2562 $ 
downloaded from 

Has this been observed by anyone else? 
Is this a known bug that has already been fixed by a later version?

Best regards,


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