[sword-devel] Anyone used the Greenhopper plugin within JIRA

Chris Burrell chris at burrell.me.uk
Thu Dec 2 11:53:26 MST 2010

Hi All

Greenhopper is a very useful AJAX plugin for JIRA. I was wondering if there
would be interest in installing this? I use it at work all the time. The
main advantages I see for Crosswire/projects hosted by Crosswire would be:

- drag and drop prioritisation of items (i.e. you can drag an item up and
down, and the order represents their priority)
- drag and drop into the fix versions as issues are scheduled to be fixed
- drag and drop between the various states (to be done, in progress, done)
which changes the current status of the bug/improvement/feature/etc.

After installation a simple AJAX tab is added to the UI.

It also does a whole load of burn down charts for agile management, which I
guess wouldn't be so useful here - probably. It's done by Atlassian (now -
they purchased it) and so follows the same licensing scheme as the main JIRA

(Happy to install it if people want - I've done this recently for work - but
I guess I'd need write permissions to the installed-plugins directory).

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