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Kenneth Arnold kcarnold at alum.mit.edu
Sat Aug 28 20:33:28 MST 2010

Hi Martin and Troy,

I finally got the AndBible source built; I needed to get the jsword source
and also raise the memory limit for Eclipse--it thrashed and eventually
crashed in the linker/dex step. There's still a dex warning that floods the
Console, but it works on my Droid X. I made a few minor modifications to
ensure I could, but nothing serious yet.

Major things I'd like to work on as a user are navigation, continuous
scrolling, and verse number sync. Also, do you think we should replace the
backend with native libsword? That might help formatting and speed, but I
don't know how deeply it's woven into the code. The Bishop code could be a
useful example if we decide to go that way.

Should we continue discussion on this list?

-Ken (mobile)

On Aug 26, 2010 1:39 AM, "Troy A. Griffitts" <scribe at crosswire.org> wrote:

Dear Ken,

Thank you for the debug.  I also have had trouble with the installer and
haven't had time to look into it.

The history is that I build Bishop as a sort of proof of concept for the
java-jni bindings for Android.  I mostly work in the engine code.  The
jni binding code I kept in SWORD SVN and the Bishop code I just backed
up occasionally to our server.  Last year my drive crashed and I lost
some work but might have pieced it all back together.  Here is an email
I sent to Gary with links to all my stuff.


After last year when I started the work I had a harddrive die on my
laptop.  I had been backing up the work regularly, but lost about 2
weeks of work in the crash.  I used a recovery tool to salvage many of
the files from the bishop project and think I may have close to what is
in the apk.  Here are my resources if you want to try to piece things

Lastest binary when I stopped, dated 11-18-2009:

Latest backup of source, dated 10-31-2009:

Latest binary after reconstructing source and I think some small new
work (I think this is built with debug symbols in the native library so
it's a little bigger):

Current backup of source which built the above:

Please excuse my ignorance of Android programming.  I am fumbling
through it all.

I remember having trouble with the InstallMgr.  It sometimes connects
and downloads and other times it does not.  I thought it might be the
limited memory on my G1 or some trouble with the timing of the FTP code
in the native library.  I've found serious bugs in Android's system
calls, (e.g. memccpy) and reported it to them, but they still haven't
fixed it.  I use my own version in the ftp lib to avoid the bug.  That
is where I stopped-- thinking I needed to debug this ftp intermittent
issue.  I didn't compare how well the older .apk works versus the newer
.apk.  Maybe the older version worked better?  Or maybe a newer version
of Android or new phone works better?

Let me know what you find.


On 08/24/2010 09:01 PM, Kenneth Arnold wrote:
> I just got an Android phone, and after seeing the...
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