[sword-devel] Linked in audio files

Robert Hunt hunt.robertj at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 13:02:55 MST 2010

On 26/08/10 01:00, Manfred Bergmann wrote:
>> Creating a new<audio>  tag (or something similar) that gets wrapped in
>> something like<a href="passagestudy.jsp?action=playAudio...">  would let
>> this happen in much more consistent, standard, and reliable ways.
> I don't have the full overview of what the filters do or render exactly
> but I generally agree here.
> Using the<img>  tag for audio content would just be a bad hack.
> This audio stuff I believe has the potential to get quite popular. It
> would be worth creating a proper specification for this kind of content.
And don't forget, next year everyone will be clamouring after video as 
well. Might as well think the issue through properly now.


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