[sword-devel] Linked in audio files

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 24 13:01:36 MST 2010

> I have not found any appropriate separate tags for this and think that teh best place to encode this is probably in the verse tags themselves as an x-attribute.
> The main immediate concern I would have, would such x-attributes survive engine filtering or would we require a new release of the engine with adapted filters to allow for such?
> Any opinions on this? Any better suggestions? I really would like to go ahead and encode such a module, even on an experimental base.

I think you ought to look closely at how images are handled. These
would likely be handled the same way. The only way I can think of that
things would "just work" without changes to the filters is if you
encode them as <a> links (however that's done in OSIS), with href set
to the file:///path/to/mp3. However, you wouldn't be able to put an
absolute path, and therefore it probably wouldn't work. For images,
the engine (filters) currently find the absolute path of the module,
and add that to the href. Something similar would need to be done to
the audio. For testing purposes, if you were able to encode it so that
it survived the engine filters as <a href='non-absolute-path.mp3'>
then we could probably hack something in Xiphos to make it work. But
it would be better to to it in the filters.


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