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  On 08/17/2010 10:30 AM, Mike Hart wrote:
> I'd really like this list of references as a commentary that can be 
> watched next to the text, However, adding material into texts that are 
> not present in the dead tree version is scary and deceptive to me.  It 
> will reduce the value of the texts maintained on Crosswire. If I'm 
> following cross references in a Wyclif bible (circa 1380 in England), 
> and find out that they aren't the original, but something from circa 
> 1800 in Latvia, and added into Wyclif's work in 2010... I'd at least 
> like to be able to know the reference is a revision and not original 
> before I make public claims on the references. I'm just guessing, but 
> I would think their is a fair number of crosswire users  who are 
> students and pastors who will publicize their work in some way 
> and rely on the texts representing what they claim to represent.

I don't think you'll ever see a text at CrossWire modified to include 
anything that is not in the upstream e-text. We try to find the most 
faithful e-text for each of the modules. On occasion, we've pulled 
modules because their upstream e-text has not been faithful to the 
dead-tree version (e.g. BDB, if I remember correctly).

I think the basic idea is that the application should have a mode that 
will provide the cross references from one module as companion to 
another. I imagine that it will be something that the user will enable 
deliberately. Hopefully, it will also be visually distinctive, such as 
verse end markers using a different format or a parallel column.

> I do see the value in making some study aids available within texts, 
> but they shouldn't replace the original texts, but rather be 
> additional texts available (similar to the 3 different NET bibles, of 
> which one has no aids, and one is fully filled). The one that is a 
> Crosswire creation should be clearly marked as such to prevent 
> misinterpretation.
> As an example: If you read the reasons behind the death of Tyndale, 
> His crimes weren't the words chosen to represent the scripture, but 
> the commentary added into the texts by his hand. If, as a bible 
> student, I read that, and then go into the Tyndale new testament and 
> find study aids present, I'd study it closely to see what the Church 
> found so offensive. If the references are accurate, I can accurately 
> study that subject, and will eventually find a note in Revelation 
> 13 about the Pope that would explain a little anger on the part of the 
> Church. However, If the references are revisionist, I'm going to form 
> a completely innaccurate opinion of both Tyndale and the Church of his 
> day.
> I'd recommend to every one on this list that the value of the various 
> texts does not lie in adding Y2K views of study helps into the texts 
> (red letters, x-references, addon tags about who was speaking when it 
> isn't there), but in accurately representing what was put down on 
> paper when the texts were created. If Wyclif didn't use red ink for 
> Jesus words, I don't want to see Wyclif's bible displayed that way, 
> it's just not helpful, and can be deceiving. I'm not about to go print 
> out a whole Wyclif text and carry it around with me as my primary 
> text, and I doubt anyone would. However, When I refer to it, and I do 
> frequently, I want to see what 1380 saw the Bible as. The same goes 
> for every text available in the Crosswire repository.
> --- On *Mon, 8/16/10, Jonathan Morgan /<jonmmorgan at gmail.com>/* wrote:
>     As a generalisation, if all we are dealing with are a set of
>     cross-references for a verse, what benefit is gained from making
>     it part of an individual Bible rather than a commentary?  Better
>     display in frontends?  Localised references?  [I sometimes wonder
>     whether we should be allowing that for all books anyway]
>     Jon
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