[sword-devel] Crossreferences

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Mon Aug 16 05:21:25 MST 2010

Costas Stergiu of "The Word" has kindly provided a list of about 20.000 crossreferences stripped out of a 16th or 17th century Statenvertelling.

Pooyan Mehrshahi, a Bible translator of the Trinitarian Bible Society, has started checking this for accuracy and is so far very satisfied with it.

I have put the source file into sword-tools and have also started work on a script which will ultimately provides a choice of either localised and OSIS references or localised USFM markup for joining into KJV versified texts. 

I hope this is of interest to some. The basic idea is to produce study bibles instead of plain texts in the various languages we have.

The obvious short comings are versification and copyright status of any target translations - we obviously can not add the list to a text which is in copyright without permissions. And we can not add it without further work to texts which are differently versified. 

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