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Thu Apr 15 22:43:09 MST 2010

a c++ managed code wrapper that will call the unmanaged libsword.dll.  That
is basically doing all the heavy lifting that swig was doing for you, except
that I could never get swig to compile.   I don't want to do that, otherwise
I just as well try and get swig to work.

I am all in favor of trying what I haven't tried, or step aside to someone
who knows what they are doing in creating the bindings.   My experience is
in C# and  My dilemma is that I want to use the SWORD Library and
cannot in my language that I am comfortable writing in.  I can read C++, and
I have made modifications in C++ programs, but I am outside my comfort zone.

I am willing to write the native C# library, and not scared off with
compression, block size, or encryption.  That is right up my alley.  I just
need to understand the structure of the ztext module so I can return the raw
text.  From there we can add the different filters that convert it to the
different formats that make sense.

I don't mind using bindings to the libsword.dll, but I have not been able to
get swig to work.  Someone who knows what they are doing needs to do that.



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2010/5/19 Wade Balzer <wbalzer at>:
> Anyway, if you or someone can write a sample c# program that calls the
> libsword.dll to display Jn.3.16, I will be greatly helped.
> I agree that we don't need to provide every single implementation of every
> method, but currently we have nothing that works in the .Net world.

Hello Wade,

this link may help...


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