[sword-devel] Strong Numbered TSK Commentary [Re: TSK Commentary into generic cross-references (Peter von Kaehne)]

Nakamaru Kunio n_e_o_m at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 26 05:58:54 MST 2010

Hello Peter.

Thank you for reply.
It took a while to work out for language independent TSK.
What I see so far is TSK keywords are based on KJV. so, they 
are "almost" convertable to  strong's numbers with KJV with strong's number.
once keywords are in strong's numbers, they become translatable with  
any dictionary to any natural language.
translation can be done runtime or precompiled. or even just leave a  
link to a specified strong dictionary.
Now, does anyone know if strong numbered TSK already exist?
or knows a better community I should contact?
Kunio Nakamaru 		 	   		  

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