[sword-devel] www.crosswire.org down?

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Sat Apr 24 05:32:59 MST 2010

Wes Widner <wes at werxltd.com> writes:
> Actually, on April 6th a very large majority of the internet's traffic
> WAS routed through China. The reason is because they managed to poison
> the DNS space (at the root level, the i-roots iirc).

DNS poisoning does not affect IP-level routing.

When we had one report of this problem in #sword last week -- traceroute
from South Africa going dead in Phoenix -- I tried a traceroute back to
that same address from crosswire.org, and the trace went dead in 2 hops,
still in Phoenix.

It's a problem with routing that's occurring very close to crosswire.org.

Someone with official status regarding crosswire.org's hosting (Troy)
needs to file a trouble ticket with the ISP.

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