[sword-devel] ABN compatibility with The Bible Tool?

johnduffy at cgcf.net johnduffy at cgcf.net
Mon Apr 19 02:13:27 MST 2010


Having completed the module for ABN (the Bible in Irish) a few months ago,
it seems that all that is needed is for some of the front ends to be able to
display a11n before it can be released.  I appreciate that a11n work is
ongoing on this for Xiphos at present, and that BT can display it already
(apart from the bug with displaying headers which is being worked on too).  

However, I'm concerned that there may be issues with The Bible Tool (OSIS
web) that may not come to light until after the module is released (such as
handling headings as with BT, or a11n support).  Personally, I cannot test
for the presence of such problems on my PC as it does not use a front end
application.  Can some testing be done at present to check for compatibility
of ABN with The Bible Tool?  I can email the module and OSIS file.

The reason I'm keen to have The Bible Tool checked is that many people that
I will be encouraging to use the Sword module will not be avid Bible
readers, and will not initially want to download and install software.
Instead, I expect that they will find The Bible Tool as an entry point in
reading the Bible digitally, and while some will go on to download it for
use with a front end, many will continue to use The Bible Tool alone.  

Much appreciated,

John Duffy

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