[sword-devel] The Lexham English Bible (module LEB)

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 15 13:09:49 MST 2010

> But anyway, I've always thought of the Xiphos guys as the maintainers of the
> HTML filters in the engine.  If it helps remind you that you need to update
> them, then you should put a bug in Jira for you :)

People keep on saying this, yet only one of our team has commit
privileges (and that only recently). Not only that, but in the 2+
years I've been involved with Xiphos/GnomeSword, none of our team has
ever committed or done any work on the filters (with perhaps one
trivial exception). Though Karl has been involved longer, I'm fairly
certain he hasn't either, since he only recently gained commit
privileges. Looking through the svn logs confirms this. My point here
is that none of us have any real experience with the filters, we
didn't write them (speaking only for current developers; obviously
Terry was involved in the past), and they live in the engine code. And
as Karl points out, they are messy; if I were to get involved, it
would be much more tempting to write Xiphos-specific filters from
scratch than try to figure out what those are doing.


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