[sword-devel] The Lexham English Bible (module LEB)

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Thu Apr 15 12:46:11 MST 2010

Well, since you mention it...

On the one hand, Xiphos is not the only application using HTML filters.

On the other hand, some time back I did want to go address something
about OSIS headers, not long after you, DM, and I first talked about
modules containing their own chapter headings, whether individual
applications needed to add their own <br/> and <b></b> markup around
header content obtained from the engine, and so forth.  Last July,
apparently.  I wanted to see if there might be an easy fix or two,
toward the goal of possibly leaving individual items returned from
"heading" content being better self-contained.

Then I bumped into this.

// <title> </title> <div subType="x-preverse"> (</div> ## when in previous)
if ( (!withinPreverseDiv && !strcmp(tag.getName(), "title")) || 
	(!strcmp(tag.getName(), "div") &&
		((withinPreverseDiv && (tag.isEndTag(pvDID))) ||
		 (tag.getAttribute("subType") && !strcmp(tag.getAttribute("subType"), "x-preverse")))
	)) {

Does the word "ow" mean the same thing to you as it does to me?

I haven't the faintest idea what that is trying to decide.

Translating, very roughly...

"If we're not yet in a preverse <div> and I've got a <title>, or if
we've got a <div> AND EITHER we're _already_ in a preverse <div> (nested
<div>?) and [something about pvDID] OR the subType is x-preverse..."

You pegged 11 on my freak-me-out scale, Troy.

I haven't gone back to look again.  I may sometime.

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