[sword-devel] Dynamic Content

Trevor Jenkins trevor.jenkins at suneidesis.com
Thu Apr 15 05:38:16 MST 2010

I should probably know the answer after all the years of being a member to
this list but...

It appears to me that much (all?) of the functionality of the sword engine
and user-interfaces are geared up to essentially re-display of static
content. Over on an other theological discussion email list some members
are wondering whether a commonplace application in which (book as opposed
to Bible) quotes and reflections could be stored and subsequently shared
around might be developed.

The Sword Engine might be a good candidate for this tool but only if
content can be entered dynamically. It needs to be dynamic because various
group members may be reading books by the same author and want to
contribute quotes and opinions. Like a Wiki(*) or a mailing list archive
but with better platform integration.

As the Sword engine exists on all the platform group members use
(Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPod Touch, even iPad, and
web interfaces) it could be a solid foundation for this application
provided that dynamic content can added, modified and deleted with ease.

(*) I'd veto a Wiki because of vandalism. The primary author discussed by
the mailing has various opponents whose silly supporters would take
delight in defacing or desecrating the Wiki.


Regards, Trevor

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