[sword-devel] Open Collaborative Bible Translation(was RE: Open Japanese Collaborative Bible Translation)

Nakamaru Kunio n_e_o_m at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 9 19:22:32 MST 2010

Hello, Weston

Thank you for introducing to Open-Scriptures and letting me know about 
a possibility of starting one. 

RESTful API combination with Django/Pinax framework seems to be a good starting ground for 
the new development discussed with Bible.org.

Hello, Teus

I found Bibledit in my research before contacting The SWORD Project, but I missed out
Bibledit-Web. I would like to ask you some questions though Bibledit community. 
I see you there. Thank you for your reply.

Hello David

Oh, you know much about the Bible's situation in Japan. It is really really "messed up".
Kougo and Bungo use very old fashioned Japanese, like King James. 

Ones most used in churches like Shinkyodo and Shinkai do not seem to distribute or even sell
online their digital formats. (only sell through softwares that they made)

The only hope, Denmo has not been updated since 2002, translated a part of new testament. 

This issue becoming really really critical as many people shifting away from papers, especially 
from young generations. Though I am sure it is not only happening in Japan.

In Christ


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> On Fri, 2010-04-09 at 08:47 -0700, Weston Ruter wrote:
> > I love your idea. I forwarding your email onto the Open Scriptures
> > group, as there are many people there who I know would be very
> > interested in your idea and who share your desire for having open
> > access to scriptural data. Your described a need for a collaborative
> > translation tool and this is something we've been talking about in
> > connection with Bible.org and being powered by apps within the
> > Django/Pinax framework.
> What might also encourage undertaking of collaborative Bible translation
> efforts, is, to know that (yet another) online Bible translation
> environment is being worked on presently. Its demo, showing little at
> present, but growing every week in small steps, is at
> http://bibledit.org/demo, while more information about logging in is at
> http://sites.google.com/site/bibledit/web. Teus Benschop.
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