[sword-devel] New subscriber's first post (introduction & project proposal)

Nakamaru Kunio n_e_o_m at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 8 19:25:25 MST 2010

I recently joined the mailing list, and this is my first post.

Kunio Nakamaru is my name, I am from Japan.

My primary goal regarding e-Bible is to make modern Japanese
translations available in OSIS. (hopefully open one like World English Bible)

I am guessing from reading web materials in Crosswire, one way is to talk to the publishers, 
explaining the advantages of making their formats available in OSIS. And help them to distribute 
 their OSIS online, if they are not sure how to do. 

Then, my first question arise. Can I just go to the Bible societies and introduce them about the SWORD project?
(Maybe I should ask this question in sword-support?)

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