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Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Thu Apr 8 10:05:43 MST 2010

Gregory Hellings wrote:
> If all that is required is for someone to secure the domain, I am more 
> than willing to do so. I alreay have access to my personal web server 
> and I have a "personal" space on the Crosswire server. If we are 
> permitted access to the web files, I would gladly put them up in 
> either location.
If you are willing to do that I think it would be the best option.  
David has given us permission to grab the domain and transfer all the 
files if we want.  I seem to remember (I may have misunderstood) that 
Troy was not keen to host the domain on the Crosswire server.  Might be 
best if you could host it.  I don't think there's likely to be any 
development as I am not going to be doing any, and there doesn't seem to 
be anyone else.  On the other hand, it's a great little app as is and 
IMO, if it aint broke, why bother fixing it?

I'm not sure right now what the state of play of the domain is 
currently, but it's a long time since David offered it, so you may need 
to act quite fast to secure it.

I'm really grateful to hear your offer. 

God bless,

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