[sword-devel] Sword applications ... and web pages .....

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Thu Apr 8 10:47:58 MST 2010

If you zip it up and pass on to me I will put it up next week. I have 
currently poor connection.

Thanks David.


David Haslam wrote:
> Hi Barry,
> No, the capture was not an implicit offer to put it on the CrossWire site.
> I have more than enough to do (for the Go Bible project) - it was just a
> quick response to your request.
> Other CrossWire volunteers could/should just as easily grab the whole site,
> using their own favorite tools.
> I will retain the captured files for a while, just as an insurance against
> the domain disappearing before anyone working on SlideBible had thought to
> take appropriate action against this contingency.
> - David

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