[sword-devel] [sword-support] SwordReader for WM 6.5 (HD2)

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Thu Apr 8 07:29:01 MST 2010

Sian Wong wrote:
> First and foremost, there is this error message which keeps telling me
> it can't find the bible file. Then I realise the Sword Reader exe got
> stock in the background although I exited the program. I need to close
> them one by one (up to 3 sometimes) in the Task Manager in order to
> use Sword Reader again.
Unfortunately no one has been working on SwordReader for some time now.
The latest version is 1.9 beta 1 (look in the 'about' box). You get it
from http://swordreader.org/index.php/downloads/ But be quick, as I
think the domain has expired and no-one has renewed it. The source code
is still available on the Sword svn feed, and is up to date.

I must have a binary .cab file for this edition somewhere. On my pocket
PC this version works well. From memory, it comes either with no bibles
at all, or with the kjv. If you want anything else, you have to install
manually by putting the required files onto your pocket pc from a PC. It
is Possible that you have a version earlier than 1.9 or that you have no
commentaries or dictionaries installed.

Install a commentary: earlier versions view the commentary in the same
text window as the bible, but you can only view one or the other at any
one time.

Maybe we ought to get the latest binary (1.9 beta 1) before it
disappears from the SwordReader site and put it up on the Sword site -
and maybe someone should change the link to SwordReader to point to it
before it goes altogether??

God bless,

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