[sword-devel] Improvements to osis2mod to handle XML comments and <header> correctly

Dmitrijs Ledkovs dmitrij.ledkov at ubuntu.com
Mon Apr 5 06:03:18 MST 2010

On 5 April 2010 13:55, Manfred Bergmann <manfred.bergmann at me.com> wrote:
> Hi DM.
> Am 05.04.2010 um 13:21 schrieb DM Smith:
>> Regarding using a "real" parser, it is a good idea. But we don't want SWORD to be dependant on an external parser.
> What's the reason for that?
> I could understand if it would mean for the user to install certain libraries manually but when the sources can be integrated into the project and has the appropriate licence then why not?
> Manfred

IMHO there is no harm in bringing in libxml or a much more lightweight
parser like GMarkup. The build system just needs to be adjusted to
link e.g. libxml for the osis2mod binary and not shared sword library.
in can be even called a new tool osisxml2mod for example and make it
be build optionally such that you can still have full sword dev
environment without libxml.

Tools for creating modules do not have be linked with sword or even
live in sword taball / svn. Although it does help consistent
distribution of tools.

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