[sword-devel] Bible Resource Identifiers

Brian Fernandes infernalproteus at gmail.com
Sat Apr 3 20:42:00 MST 2010

FireBible started off with bible:// but later versions supported 
sword:// too. Both are identical, but by default I generate bible:// 
URIs when you use the bible toolbar (so specifically when looking up a 
bible - for legacy purposes) and sword:// URIs in all other cases. 
However, if you replace bible with sword or vice-versa, everything still 

FireBible does in inherit all the JSword key parsing goodness, but I 
don't support any other *protocols* since each must be implemented in 
FireFox. So sword://greeekhebrew/0032 works, as does 
bible://acv/Lev.3-4,Gen.1.5-ff with the latter part being wholly parsed 
by JSword. The module reference ("acv") in this case can be omitted in 
which case the currently selected bible in the toolbar will be used, if 
none present than the "default" bible as specified in the preferences.

Also, if a comma is used in the module part, it indicates an additional 
module for which you want the same content in a side-by-side view 
(locally implemented, not yet released).
e.g. bible://acv,esv,kjv/gen.1

 >I'd suggest that in sword://module/key that module be allowed to be an 
abstract reference, such as >sword://Bible.en.KJV.*/key 
(type.lang.v11n.any) or as sword://Dict.strong.*/key.
This sounds like a good idea.

I will be putting these details on the wiki shortly.


On 03/04/10 8:13 PM, DM Smith wrote:
> On 04/03/2010 02:35 AM, David Haslam wrote:
>> FireBible recognizes both "sword:" and "bible:" as identifiers.
>> David
> FireBible, since it is based on JSword, probably also recognizes some 
> others based upon type, e.g. dict: as in dict://word.
> These are not standard, but are based upon a need to allow for general 
> purpose lookup based upon type. This is what bible: is.
> We've discussed the need for type based lookups but I don't recall 
> coming to a conclusion.
> There is also a need to be able to specify a particular versification 
> for bible:// where the user does not care about the particular bible 
> that is used.
> It might also be good to be able to specify a particular language or 
> perhaps any other attribute of a module specified in the conf. Kind of 
> an sql specifier.
> I'd suggest that in sword://module/key that module be allowed to be an 
> abstract reference, such as sword://Bible.en.KJV.*/key 
> (type.lang.v11n.any) or as sword://Dict.strong.*/key.
> I think the semantic should be look for a preferred match, if any, and 
> use the "best" match otherwise.
> In Him,
>     DM
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