[sword-devel] Wrong Strongs Numbers try this link

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Fri Apr 2 11:30:12 MST 2010

On 4/1/2010 11:57 PM, Geoffrey W Hastings wrote:
> I found this discussion on www.theword.gr on the forum page.
> The strongs from the Sword Project was used in the software. It appears
> that some strongs numbers are missing.
> http://forum.theword.gr/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1586&start=0&hilit=sword+project

These all occur within the OT, which was not prepared by us. (We didn't 
do the Strong's tagging, that is.) We might look into using some of 
OpenScriptures' data to supplement what is currently present, then 
either seek a way to autotag (e.g., if it's consistently words like 
"not" that are untagged, that's easy enough to autotag, when we know 
that word translated as "not" occurs within a verse) or do another 
KJV2003-type project where we crowd-source the work.


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