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Tue Sep 1 18:21:41 MST 2009

poetry markup was present when this was done, as well as combined =
 <div type=3D"book" osisID=3D"Ps">
   <title short=3D"Leabhar na SALM"/>
    <title type=3D"main">Leabhar na SALM</title>
    <chapter sID=3D"Ps.1" osisID=3D"Ps.1" n=3D"1"/>
   <div type=3D"section" canonical=3D"true">
    <title level=3D"1">An Ch=C3=A9ad Leabhar -- F=C3=ADorshonas</title>
    <verse sID=3D"Ps.1.1" osisID=3D"Ps.1.1"/>
    <p> Is aoibhinn don fhear nach...

In the process, I've seen on individual files that does =
handle poetry as well as paragraph markup.  If it handled the verseIDs =
correctly, I'd be tempted to do each Bible book separately and then try =
to put them all together into a single osis file.

Alternatively, since I'm happy with the USFM content now that I've got =
both the paragraph and poetry markup in place, as well as headings =
separated out into different levels, do you think that you'd have time =
to compile it again in Linux?

John Duffy

When I have used successfully it has always been in Linux.=20
I'd be willing to bet that Chris knows the answer to this one, but the=20
problem is not the USFM files but how grabs the input from=20
them. It is possible to process one file if you give an argument with an =

absolute path. However, if you use wildcards like *.sfm, it doesn't=20
work. I don't know why. Again, I'm guessing Chris knows how to do this,=20
but I've never figured it out. I've just used Linux.


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