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Tue Sep 1 18:21:41 MST 2009

what you are looking for, you could try \r both before and after the =
text (or whatever new line code your editor uses - \r works in jEdit) =
like this:

John Duffy

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Subject: [sword-devel] What is wrong with my regexes? Help appreciated

I am working on a lengthy Farsi text with the help of a perl script=20
which has slowly grown into a great tool.

But some patterns refuse to budge and I am totally clueless what to do.

Original text


starting at position 1 and ending the line with a return.

My regex


finds all lines with the word at whatever in sentence position - instead =

of picking only lines with the single word =D9=85=D8=AA=DB=8C on the =

What am I doing wrong?



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