[sword-devel] german menge

Wolfgang Schultz woschultz at googlemail.com
Mon Sep 28 05:03:26 MST 2009


i think the copyright expires 70 + 1 Year therefore in 2010 :)

BTW you could get the text from here if you want to make a modul




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2009/9/28 Mark Trompell <mark at foresightlinux.org>:
> Hi,
> someone on irc, pointed out, that 'herman Menge died 70 years ago, so
> with german "copyright",
> his translation of the bible should go "public domain" this year.
> Does anyone here some experiences with german copyright, or how to get
> such translation into swordmodules.
> Would it be possible to copy from online bibles, if they use the
> original text? Would it make any sense to ask the distributor of that
> translation for support (like providing some textfiles)?
> blessing Mark
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> Mark Trompell
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