[sword-devel] Devanagari text displays different in SWORD than in the source IMP file

David Haslam d.haslam at ukonline.co.uk
Tue Sep 8 11:36:47 MST 2009

Chris Little is correct.

Both SWORD (SPW aka BibleCS) and BPBible give exactly the same code when
pasted into SC Unipad Lite.  The first word of Mark 1:1 has the zwj for both

Ergo - it is the rendering.

Explanation:  What I did earlier was complicate things by comparing the
reported appearances as found in Tim's email to this list.  

btw.  Anyone following this thread on a mirror using a browser, even the
appearances may change depending in which browser you have!

SC Unipad Lite does not use external fonts.

I have also confirmed this test using Wordpad, and examining the escape
codes after saving the RTF file.

-- David

Tim Chase-13 wrote:
> Words including the zwj is where the problem shows up.  The zwnj works
> correctly.  I can provide several example words that have the zwj if it
> would be helpful and examples of correct and incorrect renderings.
> Tim
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> Before anyone starts making authoritative statements about ZWJ or ZWNJ 
> in various modules and their reflexes in front ends, I would like to see 
> some sort of proof that this is even relevant to the problem.
> If ZWNJ is present in the module, it isn't being changed by Sword or by 
> BibleCS. If you copy text from BibleCS and paste it into an editor that 
> renders things correctly, such as BabelPad or Notepad, you get back the 
> correct rendering--so it's not inserting, deleting, or changing
> codepoints.
> My own feeling is that the problem lies in the renderer used by various 
> front ends. And specific to BibleCS, I suspect we can fix the issue by 
> compiling in a more recent version of C++Builder (which I'll try to do, 
> when I get a chance, unless Troy beats me to it).
> Font choice is important. You have to use a font with the correct font 
> tables. (Graphite tables would work, but OpenType are entirely 
> sufficient for this kind of Indic application.) However, the fonts named 
> in the initial post and my testing further to that report demonstrate 
> that even fonts with good OT tables won't render correctly in BibleCS's 
> current renderer.
> --Chris

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