[sword-devel] InstallMgr excess-of-remembrance problem

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Sat Sep 5 17:47:46 MST 2009

We noticed an odd glitch in Xiphos today.

I still keep a repo on my home desktop, being what amounts to the
closest thing to "Xiphos Beta" that will ever be seen.  It's a
mostly-private sandbox where I fiddle with modules for distribution
among my own machines, and when a module is where I want it, I push it
to the Xiphos repo.  Fine so far.

What's been noticed is that source deletion by the InstallMgr object
apparently doesn't forget quite as much as we'd like it to forget.
Here's the scenario:

- Take a repo list in InstallMgr.conf of 5 remotes, being the basic 4
known to masterRepoList.conf plus mine.
- Delete mine.
- Re-written InstallMgr.conf correctly shows that mine has been deleted.
- Now hit the "load standard" button in Xiphos' mod.mgr, wait a couple
  seconds...and mine comes back like an undead zombie.

My repo is not listed in masterRepoList.conf.  The code in Xiphos to
invoke repo sync'ing with masterRepoList.conf is only about 4 lines, and
has no concept of self-reference to what's in, or what used to be in,
the user's InstallMgr.conf.

We think it's a Sword bug because an important change to the scenario
makes the problem not happen:
- After deleting my repo, close the mod.mgr, deleting the InstallMgr
- Re-open mod.mgr, which creates a new InstallMgr, and now hit
  load-standard...and this time mine does not re-appear.

It seems most likely that the only place where the memory of the deleted
repo exists is in the InstallMgr object, and the workaround of
closing/re-opening mod.mgr works because it's a new InstallMgr which has
no memory of what used to be there.

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