[sword-devel] More installmgr woes... (need for export SWORD_PATH=~/.sword )

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Thu Sep 3 18:09:52 MST 2009

Matthew Talbert wrote:

> specifically that I would like to see:
> 1. HTTP support. This is planned.

Interfaces and shell classes already in place.  Just need someone to

> 2. Allow specifying the location of where to install modules. This is
> quite simple and I could easily do it, if it would get applied. I've
> mentioned this before with no response.

There is a simple way to supply a destination directory:
installModule(SWMgr("/some/location/somewhere"), ...);

I believe our previous discussion outlined the current incarnation and
history of:

InstallMgr::installModule(SWMgr *destMgr, const char *fromLocation,
const char *modName, InstallSource *is = 0);

I don't remember the whole explanation, but basically InstallMgr
currently installs TO a destination SWMgr.

Your argument about constructing an SWMgr being more expensive than
necessary just to specify a target location is valid, but is not even on
the radar for my priority list.

> 3. Allow installing a zipped module. That is, the library would unzip
> it itself and install it somewhere. This would be useful for all of
> the frontends I think, and it's best to handle it in SWORD, because it
> already has the necessary functionality to do this (very similar to
> the untar capability). I've offered before to help with this, or code
> something up, but got no response, so I assumed that it wasn't wanted
> in the library.

This is not on my priority list either.  If you have a zip file, just
unzip it to where you want it installed.  I don't think we're giving the
user any extra value and I certainly don't think the task is as
straightforward as you might think.  zlib, to my knowledge does not have
the functionality to read a directory manifest in a zip file.

I've said a few times already that we should do something about
attempting to write to a directory which isn't writable.  Noted,
complaint.  Thanks.  Action pending.


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