[sword-devel] Making Bible DVDs from OSIS source text

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Thu Sep 3 12:48:22 MST 2009

David Haslam wrote:

>> Our friend John Austin has developed software to make a Bible DVD from
>> OSIS source text.

> I have been sent an early demo sample (containing only the text of 2
> John, n a Cyrillic scripted language) which can be viewed using 
> Windows Media Player (also worked on Power DVD and Windows Media 
> Center). Not authorised to distribute the demo yet.

It might be good to do the usual open source "release early, release 
often" thing with the code for the software tool itself.  If John lacks 
an appropriate server for svn (or git ot bzr or whatever DVCS he uses!) 
hosting, bugtracking, etc., perhaps he could be given space on the 
crosswire.org server for this codebase?  I take it the software is 
licenced under the GPL or another OSI-approved licence?

For example, we could then see what happens if we feed it DM's OSIS KJV 
as a source text :)

BTW, I'm not sure I really understand the need for a tool like this to 
use Firefox as its only UI; it is apparently Linux-specific anyway, and 
making it scriptable would permit bulk conversion of a pile of OSIS 
documents, possibly including a pile created by running mod2osis over a 
set of SWORD modules :) :)


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