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Tue Sep 1 18:21:41 MST 2009

Bible DVD is created.

>> The DVD begins with a menu where you can choose a Bible book and
>> chapter. After you choose a book and chapter, it shows a nicely readable
>> book-like representation of that text on the TV screen. At the bottom of
>> the screen are navigation buttons for flipping pages in the text or
>> viewing footnotes (or reading the glossary or other study materials if
>> they are available). If an audio reading or dramatization of the
>> Scripture exists, it will seamlessly play that as it displays the
>> corresponding text, and the displayed text will follow along with the
>> audio reading (sort of like an automated slide show).

It doesn't use any SWORD Project code, but it uses Firefox and lots of Linux
DVD utils.

Source code not yet posted online (it's not quite ready yet, etc), 
but I am in regular contact with him, so this should soon be practical.

Please pray for the success and spiritual impact of this project, 
especially as it begins to be used in the region where John is working.

-- David
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