[sword-devel] SSO for crosswire (was: Re: A simple Fedora SWORD compile/install script )

David Haslam d.haslam at ukonline.co.uk
Thu Sep 3 05:04:05 MST 2009

Even without SSO, Firefox users could adopt automatic login for all these
services, and just maintain a strong master password on Firefox.

For web services not involving monetary transactions, this is probably a
good enough solution for many people, apart from anyone in a sensitive
country, or who regularly make use of computers in public locations.

-- David

Peter von Kaehne wrote:
> Jonathan Marsden wrote:
>> OK then.  I can't create new pages on the Crosswire wiki (need to wait
>> four days so it knows me... odd, since I have a shell account on the
>> machine ... looks like crosswire doesn't do any kind of single sign on
>> authentication, but keeps shell/forums/wiki user data 100% separate).
> We introduced this 4 day gap as a way to reduce the Wikispam we got.
> Single sign on was discussed a couple of times, but I think no one ever
> got their head around sorting it given the large number of disparate
> system we run. Also the pressure of misery caused by multiple logins was
> never very high given the fact that only a few of us are on all subsites
> active. But I am sure, Troy will be delighted to hear to your
> suggestions how to solve this anyway.
> Logins we use and need:
> Wiki
> Bugs database
> News database
> Forums
> Shell access
> SVN access
> Community website
> Website translators
> SwordWeb translators
> Tomcat various admin functions
> probably more if you think about.
>> Meanwhile, I've created and tested little scripts for Debian, Ubuntu,
>> Fedora, Mandriva and RHCE/CentOS and documented the basic approach in
>> the sandbox at http://crosswire.org/wiki/CrossWire:Sandbox
> Great!
> Peter
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