[sword-devel] A simple Fedora SWORD compile/install script

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Wed Sep 2 23:37:32 MST 2009

Jonathan Marsden asked:

>> Is it worth putting some basic info on how to download and
>> compile/install SWORD from source on various Linux distributions on the
>> wiki?

Peter von Kaehne replied:

OK then.  I can't create new pages on the Crosswire wiki (need to wait
four days so it knows me... odd, since I have a shell account on the
machine ... looks like crosswire doesn't do any kind of single sign on
authentication, but keeps shell/forums/wiki user data 100% separate).

Meanwhile, I've created and tested little scripts for Debian, Ubuntu,
Fedora, Mandriva and RHCE/CentOS and documented the basic approach in
the sandbox at http://crosswire.org/wiki/CrossWire:Sandbox

The RHEL/CentOS one is incomplete because they don't seem to have a
clucene-devel type of package in their official repositories, and I'm
not up for documenting how to add extra repos just for that, at least
not right now!

Bottom line: a 5 line script downloads/compiles/installs SWORD from svn,
and a second eight line script downloads and installs the KJV and tests
that it "works".

Comments welcomed, as are scripts for additional Linux distributions!


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