[sword-devel] autotools help (needs zlib-devel RPM package)

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 18:30:34 MST 2009

> The forums seem to have gone down while I was trying to compose my response!
>  Here it is, in case you can pass it on to the person with the iszsue before
> the forums are resurrected.

Your message got posted.

> As I think was mentioned earlier in this thread, you almost certainly need
> the zlib-devel RPM package installed in order to build SWORD from sources.
>  So please try:
> [code]
> sudo yum install zlib-devel  # Install zlib-devel package
> ./usrinst.sh  # Configure SWORD build environment
> make  # Build SWORD
> [/code]

I'm guessing he doesn't have sudo. And shouldn't configure be checking
for zlib? I'm almost sure it checks somewhere, but I think it doesn't
abort the configure if it fails.

> Note that building SWORD using ./configure with no options supplied is
> probably not what you really want to do; please let the included usrinst.sh
> script do the work of choosing good defaults for you. Incidentally, did you
> read the INSTALL file, which has info on how to build SWORD in it?

He's been using usrinst.sh

I don't think this explains why sword allows to configure successfully
in the case of missing zlib.


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