[sword-devel] Beta module Che1860 (Cherokee NT)

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Thu Oct 29 11:57:13 MST 2009

Matthew Talbert wrote:
>> This morning I downloaded it for BibleCS from the CrossWire beta!
> I think it may have been there. Possibly you didn't refresh the repo?

Che1860 went straight to main. It was never in beta.

>> I think that Chris has been working on it in between times, as I can now see
>> it using Xiphos in the main repo, under Cherokee, which must mean that he
>> edited the language in the conf file.
> Yes.

I made a single edit to the .conf when I saw the report of the incorrect 
language ID (changing the lang tag & bumping the version). And I did a 
manual rebuild of mods.d.tar.gz, etc. and cleared the module cache. 
Everything else is the same.


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