[sword-devel] Beta module Che1860 (Cherokee NT)

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 11:11:14 MST 2009

> This morning I downloaded it for BibleCS from the CrossWire beta!

I think it may have been there. Possibly you didn't refresh the repo?

> When I look just again now using BibleDesktop's JSword install manager, it's
> not in either repo, at least not under English, nor under any new language
> branch, as far as I can tell.

That's because jSword depends on someone actually downloading the zip
from the website before it's available. In the Xiphos repo, making a
zip is part of adding to the repository. I've never understood why the
Crosswire repo couldn't do the same.

> I think that Chris has been working on it in between times, as I can now see
> it using Xiphos in the main repo, under Cherokee, which must mean that he
> edited the language in the conf file.


> I just downloaded it using Xiphos, and it displays OK.


As to why it doesn't show up using the BibleCS install manager, I
really don't know. Are you sure you're refreshing the repo? When you
copied it from Xiphos, did you copy everything? (not just the conf?)
In Xiphos, you can use the "Archive" functionality of the module
manager to create a zip file with everything which you can then unzip
into BibleCS's area.


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