[sword-devel] Questions about usfm2osis.pl

Daniel Owens dhowens at pmbx.net
Wed Oct 28 05:26:59 MST 2009

Peter von Kaehne wrote:
>> Von: johnduffy at cgcf.net
>> Does usfm2osis.pl process USFM \q quotation marks?  Bibledit converts    > them to paragraph marks, but I would be keen to keep them as quotation   > markup in the osis file, if possible.
> It should mark them up as OSIS quotation markers. If not it is easy to add. I will check tonight.
>> It takes less than a second to process, and results in an 8-line Osis    > xml document which consists of only a header.  
> I see no reason why it should not work on Windows, though most of us work on Linux. Things worth checking are utf8ness of text and assumptions about Windows vs Unix end of line markers. Both can seriously mess up a text.
> Peter

When I have used usfm2osis.pl successfully it has always been in Linux. 
I'd be willing to bet that Chris knows the answer to this one, but the 
problem is not the USFM files but how usfm2osis.pl grabs the input from 
them. It is possible to process one file if you give an argument with an 
absolute path. However, if you use wildcards like *.sfm, it doesn't 
work. I don't know why. Again, I'm guessing Chris knows how to do this, 
but I've never figured it out. I've just used Linux.


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