[sword-devel] vs2osisref locale problem - is it me or is it a bug?

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Thu Oct 22 14:49:54 MST 2009

What is the correct way of calling vs2osisref with a non english locale?

I tried it with various English increasingly bizarre references and did 
not once make it hiccup - brilliant!

But, trying it out with a Farsi reference I just consistently get back 
Rev 1:15.
What I did in English and got back e.g:

$ vs2osisref "Mark 3:10,15;4:10-17"
<reference osisRef="Mark.3.10">Mark 3:10</reference>,<reference 

What I did in Farsi:

$ vs2osisref "مرقس 3:10,15" fa-utf8  # Mark 3:10,15

I got back

<reference osisRef="Rev.1.15">مرقس 3:10,15</reference>

Which is obviously wrong. I tried various ways of setting the locale 
(fa, fa-utf8, fa_IR) nothing worked.



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