[sword-devel] The MBROLA Project - Towards a Freely Available Multilingual Speech Synthesizer

David Ring n1ea at arrl.net
Mon Oct 19 08:30:00 MST 2009

A good place to look for the use and application of text to speech is Vinux
- which originally was based on Ubuntu but because of problems with Ubuntu's
default audio settings has moved over to Debian where just ALSA is used -
and the synthesizer just rocks!   Vinux 2.0 has speakup and espeakup,
providing console based screen reading as well as Orca with the Gnome
desktop. You can switch to a terminal session by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F1. Both
Orca and speakup use espeak so there is no difference in voice quality or
performance between Orca and speakup.

The development news is here:  http://vinux.org.uk/news/

And of course, the home page is http://vinux.org.uk/

It is an excellent system - !

(Disclaimer:  I am on the devel team for this and we are currently building
a CLI - console text only version which for some blind people is easier than
X windows and Gnome.

I've been away from THIS list and this project for six or more years - I am
glad to see familiar names and I'm excited to hear about all the new

Best wishes to all,

David Ring
Green Harbor, MA

> Has anyone come across this before?
> >
> > http:// http://tcts.fpms.ac.be/synthesis/mbrola/
> >
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