[sword-devel] Linking to General Books

Brian J. Dumont bdumont at ameritech.net
Mon Oct 19 04:50:56 MST 2009

Chris Little wrote:
> Character escaping was taken into consideration when writing the
> osisID/osisRef format. The relevant bit of the regex is:
> (\p{L}|\p{N}|_|(\\[^\s]))+
> The last option permits escaping any non-space character with a
> leading \. Further to that, NBSP (0xA0), by convention, represents
> space (0x20) in osisID/osisRef. But it will need to be escaped since
> it's not a letter, number, or underscore.
> ..... deleted text ....
> This isn't the proper function of osis2mod. We should still store
> valid osisIDs/osisRefs in modules. The conversion of osisRefs to
> sword:// links is particular to certain render formats, so any
> conversion like you describe should take place within render filters.
> Likewise, decoding of escapes and converting between NBSP and space
> should take place within the render filters (as necessary).

Thanks very much for the response.  So if I understand you correctly, a
proper reference to the module Concord at key:

/The Smalcald Articles/Preface of Dr. Martin Luther

would be written as:


... even though the filters might need to catch up with me.

Is that correct?  I've already checked and it does indeed validate, but
of course it doesn't work.  Is this reliable enough to add to the wiki?


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