[sword-devel] FireBible 1.1 Released

Brian Fernandes infernalproteus at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 22:47:02 MST 2009

I released FireBible about a week ago, but forgot to announce it here:

Blog post: http://thegoan.com/blog/firebible-1-1-released/

In this release:
Added support for Strong's words and word morphology
Added Book manager which allows you to install/uninstall books and set 
book/language fonts from within FireBible (this is the BD book installer)
Improved FireBible toolbar presentation, added new toggle button for the 
FireBible sidebar.
Code localized, though only en-US localized text is available at this time.

This version of FireBible was also submitted as an entry to the Extend 
Firefox 3.5 contest, for which I had to create a few videos; you can 
find them here: http://thegoan.com/firebible/screencasst
I would recommend the Ubiquity video in case you haven't seen that 
functionality before (introduced with FireBible 1): 

I'll send Ben Morgan the blurb for the front page.

In Him,

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