[sword-devel] HTTP InstallMgr

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Mon Oct 12 10:29:44 MST 2009

Initial support for HTTP transport in InstallMgr is in SVN.  Thanks to
Nic Carter for his contribution of the HTTP directory parsing code.

Adding a line into:



should allow initial testing.  We still have some work to do, like
allowing the same repository name to have both a FTPSource and
HTTPSource, and cues to the system to prefer one transport over another,

[General] Transport=[preferFTP|preferHTTP|onlyFTP|onlyHTTP]

These should be coming soon if you'd like to use them, otherwise, your
frontends can handle transport preference themselves and you can check
InstallSource::type == ["HTTP"|"FTP"] and present the appropriate
sources to your users.

I'll likely add HTTP sources to the master repo list soon if testing
feedback comes back positive.  Xiphos Team, let me know if your repo is
http accessible.

Thanks again Nic!


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