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Tue Oct 6 15:04:45 MST 2009

On Wed, Oct 7, 2009 at 3:37 AM, jhphx <jhphx at cox.net> wrote:

>> That's a good reason, right.
>> But then even in beta is a potential risk of applications crashing when
>> loading a module and on startup when the module is automatically loaded
>> because it still is stored in the session.
>> We can make sure that every module in beta does at least load correctly on
>> the front ends.
>> Manfred
> A flag placed as the last thing done at successful shutdown of the program
> and checked and removed before loading a session could be used to prompt the
> user that the saved session may have problems and ask to skip it, so
> avoiding another crash.
There are some modules which may crash when trying to access them. These are
unlikely to ever be in beta, as these are experimental (for a good reason).
Saving the session may help, but if the application accesses all modules on
startup, it may still crash.

A module in beta is no more likely to crash than a module in the main
repository (in fact, it probably is less likely to, as it will be a revision
of a pre-existing module)

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