[sword-devel] Current downloadable binary Windows SWORD library (and utility) versions?

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 3 03:53:28 MST 2009

> This would seem to suggest that the Xiphos 3.1.1a -supplied version of
> osis2mod, which says it is r2169, is really r2400 (1.6.0) or later, in
> disguise?  It doesn't appear to have the -d option or the -v option (its
> help output lacks them, at least).

Yes, actually it is a more recent version than that. The reason for
the confusion is that I did not realize until now how the versioning
worked for the utilities. Because I was using another repo for my
patches to SWORD, and merging trunk into there, it evidently messed up
the version numbers. It appears that the utilities are likely at 2417.
This is my mistake. As far as incorporating later patches, it wasn't
ever apparent to me that osis2mod was in a stable state, as for a
while the 'patches' broke things. As this was occurring until past our
last Xiphos release, I have not had an opportunity to package them
again. Generally, I'd rather release utilities when there is a new
release, at least to package with Xiphos.


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