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The file was converted manually to USFM, with initial help from Daniel
Owens, who also suggested that I use Bibledit to convert to OSIS.  Thanks
for the link to the KJVA.  It allows me to see the 81 books instead of the
73 that I have been working on.  The Greek Esther and Daniel extracts are
set in separate books.  Yes, it is the ABN that I'm working on, now that I
have some more time for it at present.


Another question: How do Sword and 'The Bible Tool' display these extra
books.  Are Greek Esther and Daniel displayed as separate books, or as
additions within the canonical books.  Or are deuterocanonical books not
supported yet for either or both of these?  

Forgive my ignorance if there are obvious answers.  But I know that my
version of Sword (v1.5.11 which seems to be the latest) isn't able to
display the deutero-canonical books (as far as I can see).  And I cannot
navigate in The Bible Tool either to see what books and chapters are
available (that would be a great feature to add - a list of books, and
chapters to choose from, for people who don't know what books are in the
Bible - at present it presupposes a certain level of biblical literacy in
order to be able to use it).

John Duffy

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Are you working directly in OSIS, or using USFM and then converting?
Presumably the text you are working on is the Irish ABN.

Thanks to Kahunapule Michael Johnson in PNG, 
the KJV is available in USFM format (including deuterocanon) at
http://ebible.org/bible/kjv/kjvsf.zip http://ebible.org/bible/kjv/kjvsf.zip 

See main KJV page - bottom of left side bar.
http://ebible.org/bible/kjv/ http://ebible.org/bible/kjv/ 

David Haslam

johnduffy-2 wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm making progress (even though it is slow) on making an OSIS file for
> the
> Bible in Irish.  But there are a few things that I'd like to get help on
> before making the final OSIS file.
> 1	Is there a KJVA Bible that I can download or obtain for Sword
> (v1.5.11) or Bibledit (or other program to view a Sword module)?  I'd like
> to check the v11n etc.
> 2	Some verses in Esther have both canonical and deutero-canonical
> text.  Since OSIS uses sections which are tagged as canonical or
> non-canonical (correct me if I am wrong), this method cannot be used to
> mark
> both in a single verse.  Is there another method to use to denote
> canonical
> from non-canonical?  My thoughts are to make the non-canonical in italics,
> partly because this is what the original print edition has done as well
> (while non-canonical books are not in italics).
> Any thoughts?
> John Duffy

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